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The best USA IPTV service providers in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is IPTVDIGI!

Do you continue to watch TV on the usual channel?

We regret to inform you of all the things you are losing out on!

When it comes to TV entertainment, online streaming is the new standard, and IPTV is leading the way, particularly in the USA.

You only need to select the best IPTV USA service to get started. Uncertain about which to choose?

Allow us to assist you in making a decision.

The TV has announced the release of your favorite movie.


The only downside? It’s scheduled on your working hours.

Or you have to wait three days to see it.

With traditional means of watching TV this usually spells an end to your intentions of having a fun movie night.

Thank God, that kind of problem is behind us now. Correct?

If the problem persists, you might choose to upgrade to IPTV, or Internet Protocol Television, to stay current.

It offers for far greater flexibility and improvements in quality of life by transmitting content over the Internet instead of cables or satellite dishes.

The major advantage of IPTV over regular TV and cable is that you may view movies, news, TV series, music videos, and much more anytime you want.

There are many USA IPTV providers available these days, but not all of them meet the same requirements for quality.

On the contrary, not only can you end up with bad service, but you can also end up with illegal services, which is certainly a risk if you don’t know what you should look for in an IPTV provider. 

Precisely because of this we decided to create this guide for best USA IPTV service providers in 2024.

Read on to discover the best that the USA market has to offer!

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Best USA IPTV Service Providers 2024

  1. IPTVDIGI – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Krooz TV
  3. XtremeHD IPTV
  4. IPTV Trends
  5. 6IPTV
  6. Necro IPTV
  7. BestBuyIPTV
  8. IPTV Smarters
  9. The Amazing TV
  10. Philo


IPTV is the natural evolution of television. If you do not trust us on our word, just check out IPTVDIGI  awesome features!

Highlighting user-friendly service and high quality standards, IPTVDIGI brings top-tier streamed content with next-level service right into our top USA IPTV service providers list!

What makes IPTVDIGI superior to its competition?

Well, a carefully picked selection of content from USA, UK, and Canada certainly doesn’t hurt, but add Central and South America to the list and you get an impressive portfolio of channels at your disposal.

From TV series and movies to sports and informative channels, this IPTV service guarantees to have a niche offering that you will not find anywhere else. 

It can be set up on all devices and can be launched with every major IPTV player available to an American customer.

IPTVDIGI is a service of choice especially with mobile devices as it does not bind its service to a single IP address.

In other words, you just sign up with your username and password and use it from pretty much anywhere you want.

In case you get stuck, just contact the support service and you will get help in no time.

Pretty much everything you need in one IPTV service provider, if you ask us.

2. Krooz TV

Krooz TV

A provider that is very popular in the wider North America region, Krooz TV is an IPTV service that offers HD quality streaming and a plethora of nearly 3,000 live TV channels.

If on-demand videos are more your thing, a whole treasury of almost 15,000 shows, movies, and various other types of multimedia content guarantee that you will find something that is to your liking.

Needless to say as quality is their driving goal, Krooz TV content comes in Full HD and has zero buffering issues.

This is especially suitable for their live, around the clock content, and quite a welcome feature to all sport channels that come included in the package.

Oh, the horrors of paying for viewing some content and having it trapped in a perpetual buffering circle! Fortunately, this will never happen with Krooz TV.

A wholesome customer support service is there for you whenever you run into unforeseen issues and a money-back guarantee buys trust of clients, at least it did for us.

Krooz TV is a logical entry into our USA IPTV service providers list. Krooz TV grateful for its service!

3. XtremeHD IPTV

Xtreme HD IPTV - best IPTV service

XtremeHD IPTV sets the standards of IPTV service to the extreme.

Filled to the brim with features that propel IPTV services beyond every other method of watching content, it offers over 20,000 channels for you to tune in!

And the offer does not stop there. With Xtreme HD IPTV, you can watch movies, TV series, and other content on-demand in SD, HD, and Full HD quality.

Think that 20,000 might be a little too much for you to handle and navigate effectively?

Don’t worry, it comes with an integrated EPG TV guide regardless of the plan you opt for.

This guide will help you conveniently get your bearings and find a program that is to your liking at all times. 

👉 Get Xtreme’s TRIAL

This USA IPTV service provider covers, beyond major international and USA-specific popular channels, Canadian and UK content as well.

Regarding accessibility, Xtreme HD IPTV is compatible with virtually every device frequently used today. 

The service is perfectly stable with an average uptime of more than 99.99%, a friendly customer support that you can reach out for 24/7, and an anti-freeze technology that will provide smooth projections of your favorite content.

Everything mentioned above packed tightly into a single service – now that is pretty much what every IPTV service provider should strive for.

Bravo, Xtreme HD IPTV!

IPTV Trends - Fast IPTV Streaming

Speaking of IPTV and trends in modern television, we just have to include IPTV Trends into our USA IPTV providers list!

This superb piece of multimedia service claims to be one of the fastest services that you can get.

It also boasts solid stability with an uptime of over 99.99% overall, which is, needless to say, quite a feat.

Apart from its lightning-fast service, IPTV Trends makes more than 19,000 live channels and about 60,000 video-on-demand pieces available to its users.

Extraordinary, isn’t it?

If you tend not to remain in a single spot all day, IPTV Trends is a perfect solution for you as it gives you the option to stream content on the go, regardless of your home IP address.

As for compatibility, if it has a screen and some RAM memory, you can probably install it on. Android, Windows, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, FireStick, you name it!

Besides all the popular American channels, you can watch channels from Canada, UK, and quite a number of other countries and regions all over the world. 

You have a whole day, that is 24 hours, of free trial before you are required to make a choice, so there is ample time to explore everything that IPTV Trends has to offer.

After that day expires, you need to make a payment, the only method supported being via credit card, but hey, it’s a small downside to an otherwise bargain of a deal.

Very good job, IPTV Trends!

5. 6IPTV


When it comes to IPTV providers, it is paramount that they listen to and appreciate the opinion of their customers.

This is precisely the core value of the team behind 6IPTV so they make sure that their offer is customer first, everything else second.

6IPTV has more than 10,000 channels at users’ disposal.

They are a German company, but they operate in English-speaking areas as well and deliver premium content from all around the world.

You can download it via APK and it goes extra steps when it comes to safety in order to ensure user privacy and protection of their data.

What else? Well, we’re just starting here.

First of all, they provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their services.

Their servers rely on dedicated hardware and neuro-networks to enhance the speed of streaming and ensure the highest possible uptime.

This makes their services almost error-proof, but if anything unexpected happens they have amazing customer service that is available around the clock, 24/7.

Also, you shouldn’t worry about compatibility as 6IPTV works hand-in-hand with most devices commonly used today.

Nothing much to add here, really. Quite a decent service that we couldn’t really find any flaw with. Kudos!

6. Necro IPTV

Necro IPTV

Looking for high quality streaming services that also have near-zero loading time? Look no further, Necro IPTV is here!

Necro IPTV can be installed on pretty much every device that you own, mobile phones included.

It brings more than 2,000 live channels from the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, as well as many other countries around the globe.

A subscription to this neat service unlocks these channels, numerous other video material, as well as an access to a complete RPG guide and two connections in the standard plan.

In spite of its name, they boast live customer service that can escort you through the installation process as well as help you with any potential issues that might pop up during your subscription.

Speaking of subscriptions, Necro IPTV accepts payment in Bitcoin, PayPal, and credit/debit cards, which can come quite handy.

Before paying, though, feel free to take Necro IPTV for a test drive, 72 hours, free of charge.

This favorable trial policy makes sure that you get familiar with Necro IPTV before commitment.

Spoiler alert: you will make the right choice since Necro IPTV is one of the top IPTV USA service providers out there!

7. BestBuyIPTV

Best Buy IPTV - top IPTV subscription service

BestBuyIPTV has it in its name already – it is one of the best IPTV providers in USA out there!

Is it “the best”?

We will let you be the judge of that. It certainly aims to become one, that is for sure.

Anyway, what sets Best Buy IPTV apart?

To start with, it provides users with a vast library of live channels and videos-on-demand, with more than 12,000 options to choose among, including Full HD and Premium channels.

This neat service can be set up on all kinds of devices, such as FireStick, Android, and Roku, and it comes with a customizable watch list where you can add or remove favorite channels and customize the selection in many more ways.

The selection is updated regularly and new content gets added to the server at least once per month.

On top of everything, the service is much more affordable than the average service on the market.

Best Buy IPTV has detailed and easy to use electronic program guides and it is compatible with every popular IPTV player, which makes setting it up and using it a breeze.

The company supports versatile forms of payment and accepts PayPal and credit and debit cards for your convenience.

A free trial is available before you have to commit, so do feel free to take it for a ride and witness its qualities for yourself.

8. IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters

IPTV Smarters is not your average IPTV service – it is big enough to offer content streaming services to other platforms and companies looking to further their business goals.

End users and other service providers alike consider IPTV Smarters a top-quality solution.

One of the most obvious differences between IPTV Smarters and the rest of the competition is their eye-catching IPTV player that is a sight to behold.

Service providers can also use it to enhance the aesthetics of their offer and provide a simple and elegant user interface solution.

To make this offer even more attractive to wider audiences, IPTV Smarters makes sure that their services are compatible with iOS, Android, Smart TVs, Mac, FireStickKodi, and Windows.

This service is proud of its stability and a commendable uptime which prevents you from glitching out and losing the entertaining moment because of some technical issues.

High quality streams with a wide assortment of channels being offered, from radio and movies to TV shows and VOD content – all of this for a fraction of the price you would otherwise have to pay.

Let us not forget the quality of life improvements such as parental controls, IPTV VPN integration, master search option, EPGs, support for picture-in-picture, and a whole load of other advantages over, well, most other stuff found on the US market today.

To sum it up, IPTV Smarters is an amazing IPTV solution for anyone living in the USA. Do check it out!

9. The Amazing TV

The Amazing TV

Quite literally an amazing IPTV, The Amazing TV does not amaze in name only but also in the quality of IPTV service that it provides.

So, what is this amazing Amazing TV offer?

Well, quite a number of things, but let’s begin with a huge number of more than 10,000 live channels, as well as over 24,000 movies and 2,500 TV shows that stand ready for your eager watching.

Also, this is all but stale content since at least once a week the stock is enriched with new videos uploaded to the server.

What you watch with this service is in Full HD quality with a fluid frame rate of 60 FPS and nothing less than that.

Some of the features that enable such a seamless service are load balancing and smart-routing support.

If you know your IPTV services, you know that this translates to a fast and stable image on every screen. 

Ultimately, an eye candy of a user interface will make the experience that much more pleasurable and scrolling through content that much easier.

You as a user are allowed to hide, reorganize, add, or remove content in your playlist as per your wishes, not per some software-initiated random string, duh. 

Not much needed to say, really, as this is one of the best USA IPTV service providers for sure. You can’t go wrong with The Amazing TV!

10. Philo


Based in San Francisco, California, Philo is an American Internet television service provider that is exclusive to those living in the USA.

It offers a rich offer of 60+ American channels, including live TV, streaming channels, and a huge assortment of VODs that are of extraordinary quality.

At users’ disposal at all times, the content is delivered and streamed lightning-fast, with minimum loading times and an elegant IPTV player as a cherry on the top.

Those who opt for Philo do not need to commit immediately for a years-long contract as these get renewed every month.

In the spirit of non-commitment, you are allowed a whopping 7-day free trial of Philo’s services before you have to pay a dime.

What you see is not to your liking?

No hard feelings, have better luck elsewhere – but of course, this scenario does not happen often.

Integrated into the standard plan is the option to record videos and have then available in memory for up to a month.

This is all on top of the already-great variety of videos in Philo’s library. 

People outside of the USA are locked out of these fine services as of now, but you are not, luckily.

Do not miss the opportunity and give Philo a shot!


Never let frauds and scammers trick you into getting a substandard, or even worse, illegal IPTV subscription.

Stick with our selection of best IPTV USA service providers and not only will you be safe from these, but also guaranteed to have quality content and loads of cutting-edge TV entertainment.

Have fun streaming!